March 23, 2012
Pretty pageant princess paratrooper DLC.

Pretty pageant princess paratrooper DLC.

March 19, 2012


March 17, 2012
More of the WIP concept art for Red Team basic infantry.

More of the WIP concept art for Red Team basic infantry.

March 14, 2012
Work in progress concept art for Red Team basic infantry.

Work in progress concept art for Red Team basic infantry.

March 9, 2012
EmergenceFPS Details

EmergenceFPS is an online multiplayer FPS that places a strong emphasis on ingenuity, adaptability, and teamwork. It features a combination of near future and science fiction weaponry, vehicles, and technology.

Game inspirations include Battlefield, Tribes, Crysis, BattleZone (the one from 1998), and PlanetSide.

Here are some more details about EmergenceFPS in bullet form (get it? because it’s an FPS and there’s bul…never mind):

  • EmergenceFPS runs on the UDK engine
  • Minimalist art style that focuses on functionality and gameplay instead of realism
  • Windows and Mac OS X only (for now)
    • If/when UDK supports Linux, we will absolutely support it
  • Extensive dedicated server support
    • We want server admins to be able to customize the game to suit their needs
  • 64 player support for large scale battles over massive maps
    • Smaller maps will also be included for those looking for a more intimate/infantry-focused experience
  • Expanded infantry maneuverability
    • Jetpacks! Super sprinting! Invisibility! Grappling Hooks! Prones!
    • No longer feel like you are limited to simply running and crouching!
  • 4 player classes with access to wildly different weapons and equipment
    • Player loadouts and class equipment can also be customized and switched on the fly
    • No more waiting until respawn so you can change classes or take off your suppressor!
    • Campers of every flavor will be violently discouraged from being useless
    • Players can switch classes on-the-fly to adapt to changing conditions on the battlefield
  • A wide variety of land and air vehicles
  • To create a more fair and dynamic multiplayer experience, there are no persistent unlocks
    • Players are rewarded for teamwork and can purchase/customize weapons and vehicles on a per round basis
    • This, like nearly everything else, can be modified or disabled by the server admin

March 9, 2012
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